Source of Endurance ~ Press Release


New novel trails Brooklyn boy’s journey to manhood

Source of Endurance by Robert C. Ilardi is the determined tale of a young man’s happiness and success, as well as his depression and addiction

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – Source of Endurance by Robert C. Ilardi seeks to depict life in Brooklyn for a middle-class college student as he maneuvers through the ups and downs of family, friendship, romance, loss and a career after graduation.

Peter Sassi, an only child, was raised in a loving household by his Italian-American grandparents and single mother. As he advances into college and freedom as a computer science major at Polytechnic University, Peter discovers a whole new, real world that brings happiness through job opportunities on Wall Street, as well as hardship and depression. When a new marriage in the family forces Peter to move out on his own and a major loss catapults him into an addiction to prescription drugs, Peter must fight through these obstacles with the support of friends and loved ones to regain his determined focus on a successful future.

Source of Endurance loosely parallels Ilardi’s life growing up in inner city Brooklyn. “The inspirations of my work are the hard-working, self-supporting students who work hard to compensate for the obstacles put forth by life, especially those students at the college that I attended,” says Ilardi.

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About the Author Robert C. Ilardi was born and raised in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. After graduating from Polytechnic University, Ilardi got a job on Wall Street, where he has worked as an applications development group manager and applications architect for the past decade. He now lives in New Jersey with his wife and dog, Lily. Source of Endurance is his first published book.

Robert C. Ilardi