Source of Endurance ~ About the Book

A story following an inner-city college student from a middle class working family in Brooklyn, through his journey to manhood. The book follows Peter Sassi through the trials and tribulations of all four years of his college experience. He is a computer science major at an engineering school. It explores romantic encounters and deep dividing family issues facing a young adult, as well as the peaks and valleys of adventures brought by his new found freedom. It delves into the importance of friendship and companionship and the dark side of emotions as Peter struggles through depression, anxiety and loss.

Peter Sassi is not your typical college student and as a student at a commuter school, he did not have the typical college experience. Polytechnic University, located in Downtown Brooklyn, may not have the typical campus most would imagine, but Peter discovers that "his" campus stretches beyond the schoolís property and encompasses the entire city of New York. This allows Peter to obtain an internship for a large Wall Street Bank as a programmer, and it is the opportunity that the City can provide that keeps Peter going. College brings Peter independence, which gives him both happiness and hardship.

As an only child, raised by a single mother, living in the comfort of his grandparentís home, Peter is raised as a typical Italian-American boy. As he ventures out to college, a new marriage changes the dynamics of his family which forces Peter to move out on his own and support himself as he struggles to maintain his sanity and continue pursuing his dreams. A big personal loss pushes Peter over the edge to an abyss full of sadness and prescription drugs, causing him to temporarily lose his grip on his hopes and dreams. With the help of his friends and loved-ones, Peter finds the strength to endure his personal demons and fight for the life he always wanted. His unique college experience leads Peter to a new sense of reality and hope, as he enters the "real world".

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