Source of Endurance ~ About the Author

Robert C. Ilardi was born in Brooklyn, New York and lived the first two decades of his life in an area widely-known and referred to as Bensonhurst. He was raised by a working single mother in a loving and tradition-filled household of his grandparents, surrounded by his loud and colorful extended Italian-American family. His experiences of living in the inner city through his mid-20s, the richness of the "Brooklyn Italian" culture, and his encounters with the diverse characters while growing up, inspired him to share a glimpse of the life in the inner city. He graduated from Polytechnic University and has worked in Wall Street for the past decade, working his way up to Applications Development Group Manager and Applications Architect. He currently lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with his wife and his dog, Lily. "Source of Endurance" is his first novel.

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