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One of my favorite X-Windows Toys since college (We used Unix for all our Computer Science courses at Polytechnic University) is xDaliClock. I still use this program today on all my Linux Boxes! You can find me with my Fedora Linux Laptop always running xDaliClock and xSnow! Although my implementation of the "morphing" digits ABSOLUTELY SUCKS in comparison, I wanted to take a shot at building a similar clock in pure Java. By the way, I suck at graphics programming, even this simple 2D stuff! The next version will allow users to create custom digit implementations so they can replace my cheap LED display like digits... Again, I'm sorry I suck at graphics. By the way... My wife thinks the graphics really suck so that should sum it up!!! ;) Actually she says my numbers look like they are retarded!

If you want to see the real thing, and I recommend you do, visit xDaliClock's site at: http://www.jwz.org/xdaliclock/

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