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JavaAX is an Open Source Active X/COM object bridge for Java. It allows Java Developers to incorporate both visual and non-visual Active X components in Java applications. JavaAX will also expose commonly used Win32 APIs to Java Developers (Mostly the APIs required for the ActiveX bridging, however some other commonly used APIs may be exposed as well). The entire point of the JavaAX project is to make the life of Java Developers easier and more productive on Windows without having them worry about writing their own JNI libraries for the native Windows functionality and component reuse!

The JavaAX project is planned to be carried out in two development phases. The first development phase, is to create specific Java-ActiveX bridge wrappers around popular or common ActiveX components such as Flash, PDF, IE (Although you can do this already with Java), Media Player, etc. The second development phase will be to build upon the base of phase 1 and create an ActiveX stub and code generator that will allow developers to automatically generate the code need to wrap any ActiveX component. Phase 2 however is a long way off.